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Organization Registration

    * Cultural Performance Registration Deadline June 30th, 2023. No Request will be accepted after due date.
    * A dedicated Stage Manager will assign by Host Committee run the Programs on Main Stage.
    * Participating group must report Stage Manager One (01) hour before the scheduled event time otherwise performance will be automatically canceled and cannot be performed in the stage.
    * No SOLO program will be allowed, except invited artists or guests of the Host Committee.
    * Organization performance slots are for 10 minutes time including stage setup, initial announcement, stage entrance and stage exit. so please plan accordingly.
    * All contents must be related to Bangladesh & Bangla language.
    * The registration form must be completed by paying proper fees. The registration fee is for the Host $250.
    * If you paid thru EC, Host committee must get the organization list with registration form and fees from the EC by due Date June 30th 2023.
    * Cultural Program will Start Sharp 3:00 PM (Date............)
    * Cultural committee will prioritize the presentation time of participating groups on the basis of quality, originality & content.
    * The Program committee expects all participants to stage a decent program, which will represent our social value, the dignity of the convention and our nations.
    * Program committee reserves the right to take any program off the stage; if the show fails met the requirement. Such action can be taken even while the show is going on.
    * Host Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any event request.
    * Program schedule will be published 15 days prior to the event; and all participants will be informed via email only.
    * FOBANA host committee website will be updated with schedule at the same time.
    * Please attach a drawing of the sitting arrangement of the artists. Committee cannot provide any kind of riser of the stage.
    * All programs will begin by an announcement from the assigned MC’s on behalf of the groups. Participating groups cannot do their own announcement.
    * But they can request to include any wording with the announcement to Stage Manager one (1) hour prior to the program goes live on the stage.
    * All groups must have their own representative with our technician in order to play any CD or any other devices.
    * The program committee is not responsible for the CD. It may necessary to copy the track in the media computer.
    * A stage diagram can be provided to the participating groups upon request.
    * The programs committee is not responsible to provide any hands except table, which participant group has to request with their requirement.

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